Roadtrip to south, chasing sun and beaches


For a short vacation we drove to Riga – neither of us had been there in years. I had heard great stories of the beaches at Jūrmala so we had beaches in schedule too.

First day we spent walking around in Riga. I was convinced again, that city-hiking is really not my thing – beach, waves and getting out of clothes were what I was really yearning for for the whole day in the city.

Finally we made it to a beach close to Jūrmala, I believe it was called Lielupe – appeared to be nude and gay. Shortly after arrival we found the hottest guy of the beach in the waves. Naturally, shortsighted and curious as I am, I had to get closer and get acquainted.

▲▼▼ Aivars turned out to be such a sexy and adorable manly guy. I was really excited we met him, especially after the terrific photos I got of him. I think he is so hot – well designed and groomed facial hair, moderately long hair, very good body and such a handsome face.


Thanks to Aivis for hosting us on such a short notice – I think we messaged him about our plans to visit Riga when we were already leaving Pärnu heading to Riga.

We had extra fun and excitement on the road trip with my ‘new wife’. It’s actually a GPS navigation unit I had just purchased but Margus calls it my wife as I keep following the lady voice with very little doubt. From now on, I don’t think I would agree to drive to any major cities without my portable wife. Sadly it doesn’t yet include even all the towns of Estonia, it was great help to us while navigating in Riga and for me even in Tallinn.

Margus & Ranno. Despite being tired of the city and shortness of the vacation I was very pleased with it, ..I really needed this time off with Margus.

Margus & Ranno

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