Singing along against cervical cancer

Gerli, Ranno, Diana, Reet, Tarmo, Pille

Laulge kaasa‘ (‘Sing along’ in Estonian) is an Estonian outdoor TV show, visiting places all over Estonia and inviting local people to sing along with celebrities, led by singer Reet Linna.

This year show was accompanied by non-profit organisation of ‘Naised Emakakaelavähi Vastu‘ (‘Women Against Cervical Cancer’ in Estonian). Aim of the organisation was conducting a survey on public knowledge on cervical cancer and HPV. Since our company supports such aim, we helped girls of the organisation handing out leaflets and assisting on filling out the questionaires.

Gerly, Ranno, Diana, Reet, Tarmo, Pille on lake Verevi in Elva.

▼ Shooting of the TV show in Valga.

'Laulge Kaasa' in Valga
▼ On the left, beautiful generations of ladies on the lake Verevi. On the right, Reet Linna, hostess of the show ▼.
Beautiful ladiesReet Linna

Time spent on the weekend was a lot of fun with the girls. And of course it was fun for us, guys, to be wearing label with ‘’ (’emakas’ is ‘uterus’ in Estonian).

All the other photos from the weekend can be found at

▼ Team at Pühajärve – Gerli, Kristi, Sulo (singer), Diana, Pille, Ranno, Liina.

Gerly, Kristi, Sulo, Diana, Pille, Ranno, Liina

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