Kayaking around islands of Pakri

Margus on a tire

Seems like I will soon have to add a warning of ‘male nudity’ and ‘adult content’ before entering my blog – throughout the Summer I have uploaded many more or less naked pics here :) Well, if someone is offended, let me know and I’ll think about it.

But on to the story..

I took 3 days off for another short vacation and again me and Margus took kayaks an headed to the water. This time Margus chose islands of Pakri as our destination. Have a look at a satellite photo to see the islands of Pakri. We started off and finished the trip at a harbor of Kurkse, and within the 2 days we rowed along the side of the islands. In every few hours we got on the land to have a snack, a rest, run around butt naked and take loads of photos.

As far as we saw and knew, the islands have been deserted even though people have been living there. Each of the islands has its remains of a church and a cemetery next to it. Margus told that both of the islands have been under heavy bombing, so it is rather miraculous how even that much of the churches have remained.

While looking around on the islands, they seem more as a war dumpster – everywhere are shells of bombs, wrecks of trucks and ships. And a lot of things for which I could not think better name than ‘oversized soup kettle with gadgets’. Somewhat exciting site to take photos, but eventually quite a sad place.

One of very rare occasions when I voluntarily agree to touch bird crap, is when it is on the ladder bars while I am on the half way up to a watch tower. If my curiosity has already beaten fear of the instability of the tower which metal frame has been hit by bombs and pieces of wooden levels can’t even put up to their own wight – then birds, You are not gonna stop me with Your crap!

We also remembered of an island on Võrtsjärve, we rowed on kayaks some time this Summer. We had been expecting to find a small private romantic island to enjoy. Instead we found an island occupied by thousands of birds, bird corpses, and every bit of the island covered with bird crap. Even the plants were all white, which makes me wonder how the plants managed to photosynthesize.

Back to Pakri. The ground of the islands is of limestone. There is some grass, moss and even trees growing, but despite it all, we were having hard time pushing fixation sticks into the ground – all we found was limestone under a centimeter thick moss layer.

Margus behind a stone pile
Ranno behind a stone pile

Based on the experience, I would say exploring the islands of Pakri on kayaks, is the best way to enjoy the beauty of the islands. Limestone outcrop on the northern side can best be viewed while sliding on the water along the sideline of the island. I think the seafloor is too shallow and complicated to conveniently approach the sideline on a larger watercraft. ..then again, what do I know of marine tricks.

Ranno hanging nude on a truckOf course I was most excited of getting to take more nude pics of us. Weather was great for it and we had our privacy.

For the photo shoots, I would love to visit the island again, but next time I would try to get there on some lazier way of transportation, than rowing on kayaks. Of course it is really exciting to row on the kayaks, but I easily panic if returning to mainland means hard rowing against wind and waves, knowing that a moment of rest would mean being carried further away towards the sea.

We were very lucky with the weather. While most of the summer can somewhat be described as ‘lousy skiing weather’, then this week the sun has been out and burning. On those rare moments, when weather has been sunny, I am usually at work so my only experience with Sun is if there is any to be seen at 6pm once I get to beach for a dinner. But these days I actually got some tan on the water. Well, as we ran out of protective lotion the second morning, we also got little sunburned, but nevertheless, I think little bit of tan can be found on me.

Here’s a proof that there were times when we had some clothes on, for change. Evening was warm enough to avoid clothing but as Sun went down, the gnats attacked. It is extremely hard to pose and smile or take a photo, while one is being sucked dry by tens on gnats at the same time.

Margus with setting sunRanno with setting sun

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