Searching for a boyfriend

Ranno, Aivars, Margus

Aivars, the very sexy and sweet boy we met in the waves of Lielupe beach (Roadtrip to south, chasing sun and beaches), came to visit us in Estonia, where he had never been before.One moment he can make laugh to tears, the next moment he can make me weep from the bottom of my heart.He himself got very upset whenever I wished he had a good boyfriend who would love him back as intensely as he is capable of loving someone else. Although I understand some of his reasons for not wanting to get involved with anyone any more, I still want him to be happy. He is a very good boy, and I truly wish there was someone responding to the love he has to offer.So the boyfriend and love I am searching for, isn’t for myself, but for my very dear friend.

Aivars, with his two friends, Ranno and Margus.

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