Birthday marathon

Guys on edge

I took a Friday off again to spend extra night with Margus and to get an early start with the weekend of my birthday and national holiday Jaanipäev. The next day we spent on picking up guys/presents from harbour and airport and sightseeing in and outside of the city.

As Friday night was spent clubbing, for the next night we headed out of the city to Margus’ cottage. With A small fire, barbecue and a lot of fun with the guys until Sunday morning it was one wild birthday marathon weekend.

Margus and Mauri fooling around on the edge of a steep cliff while one of our gorgeous companions was panicking behind our car.

Lauri◄ Look at this face – Lauri is such an adorable stud. There are times when he proudly accepts it, and there are times when he refuses to hear anything of how photogenic he is. At these latter times hardly anything can satisfy him more than being able to express his emotions with msn blushing smiley.

Me and Margus were looking through the photos from the weekend and while we felt like deleting most of the photos we were on, we couldn’t stop admiring photos of Lauri. It can’t all seem like that just because we are both blinded by being in love with him, we have witnessed that we are not the only ones attracted to him :)

► Flower photo from the cottage garden again. Focal B&W effect given with the help of Picasa.

In conclusion, I believe most of the birthday guests involved were satisfied with the party and had great time. But as Margus’ birthday is approaching, there is another party to get ready for.

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