Ahoi Sailor! – my first vacation

Ranno in kayak
..on the half way with two week my vacation. First part of it involved few days out on the sea on kayaks (the boat kind a thing on the photo).

Based on the headline I read over the shoulder of a lady on a train couple days after the trip, ‘Kayak trip requires thorough preparation’. Never read the rest of the article but I doubt by preparation they meant UV protection SPF15 and an hour on kayak to see whether I can distinguish the top side from bottom side and am able to keep the top side above the water. Well, I made it and the first hour or so we spent rowing along the coast to a small island crowded by over hundred seagulls who all flew off the island into the sky and circled above our heads the whole time upon our approach. It was a rather dreadful to stand on the island with the hundreds (possible exxageration) of seagulls screeching above our heads. Despite the angry growd above, the most peculiar sight was an egg-shaped stone in the middle of a nest.

The next afternoon we stuffed our tent, sleeping bags, spare clothes and food and set the course to an island couple kilometers north along the coast. Unlike on the preparation day earlier when it was nice still weather, on the real trip we experienced strong headwind and waves. Although we gave our best to push forward, we finally realized we weren’t moving fast enough so we switched the direction and rowed along the coast and waves to find a suitable and preferrably private spot for camping. But as of the waves and wind – even when rowing and maneuvering on top of my strength, there were times in the middle of the rocks, when I realized how hepless I was in the force of the weather. I was extremely lucky to remain in upwards position, yet the winds and waves had their way with me while tossing me around.

We spent a dreamy night on the coast. Would have been even better without the gnats and with a sandy beach instead of the rocky beach with seaweed.

The next day, after strong morning wind, we set the course for the island again and after about 2 hours we made it there! Another beautiful day with Margus on a sandy beach.

Who’s the stud on the beach? .. Margus is the guy who has kept my head high in the clowds for over four months by now. I sure hope I will have reason to mention him many more times over the months and more – I do like him a lot.

Ranno and Margus

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