Ranno with kayaks

Bye bye my two week vacation.. Most of the events already described in the previous post. The last week included some more sailing on kayaks and Margus’ birthday party and meeting some of his joyful friends.As of the egg shaped stone which was also mentioned in the last post. We went back and it turned out to be an abandoned egg after all. We fooled around with my camera again, and here’s one photo montage project of Margus on the abandoned nest – my swan :-) You can comment on what You can see on the image – previous findings include grotesque creature in profile view and a fallos like object next to his head. As a remark – none of that was intended.

What I did to the photo, was that I selected defined color range to distinguish his body and by that also some of the dried straws on the ground. As of the green straw, I picked one of the straws from the bush surrounding him on the photo and touched it up with couple filters. There are more plans with the project, but this is where it is now.

Margus dusking at a nest Another riddle – can You figure out what’s going on on the blue image below?

bottom of a yoghurt glassThat’s what You get holding empty yoghurt glass up to the morning Sun. Naturally I ended up having the last drops of yoghurt on my pants, but the view was all worth it.

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