Bird agony island

Dead seagulls

Not much to say, rather sad photos. Last Sunday Margus and I carried the kayaks into water and headed to a small island where we were hoping to have some private time with nude sunbathing, as we have done there before. As we approached the island we noticed many birds who did not seem to be in rush to escape from us. We shortly realized, looking at some of the birds trying to flap their wings and haul themselves with the strength of their peaks, that those who were not yet still, were soon to become ..dead.

Soon to be and already dead birds

For the time on the island I thought the birds came there to die because there were hardly any people visiting that tiny island and it was just peaceful place for the final agony. However, as I heard from the evening news, there are currently unusually many dead birds found on the north coast of Estonia.

One of the birds died while we were there.

Part of bird skeleton

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