Newbie in sunbathing

Ranno sunbathing
The Summer of 2005 I only had time for beach and tanning on three occasions, so I am trying to get earlier start on it this year.

But as turned out, I am rather incompetent in the sun protection thing. Day earlier I had bought a spray with factor 15. As it said it was medium protection and considering how white I was, I assumed it would be perfect for me. Yet, after 2 hours on the beach I went home and was really disappointed to see that I was not even red, ..anywhere!!! Two hours just wasted (well, actually I did have some fun on the beach as well). As Margus later explained, the factor 15 will be useful when we will spend the whole day out on the sea.

So for the next day I got a lotion with factor 4. I was so proud of my choice and enjoyed the beach knowing I am about to get a nice tan. In two hours once I got home, all I noticed was a burned back. ..I really just don’t understand this stuff, have to find some middle way the next time.

The photographing experience.. I was using Canon EFS 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 II with a circular polarizing filter. The filter itself was a wonderful thing to play with – it took off all the sunlight reflection from skin, enabling to see only nice tanned skin. Ahh, gotta love the polarizing filter :-) Later I sadly realized I had forgotten the sensitivity on ISO1600, but despite the noise, the beach pics turned out rather nice.

Below is a task for You – how many guys can You find on the photo?

Find three guys

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