Aegna – Island of central Tallinn

Seagull wings on beach

Interestingly, island of Aegna belongs to district of central Tallinn. Me and Margus had been to the island year ago in Summer, on kayaks (check ‘Ahoi sailor! – my first vacation‘). But that time all I saw of it, was nice sandy and quite private beach where we fooled around. Even though Margus then also told that there are actually houses on the island with few people living there, I did not quite realize it myself as I did not see any of that.

This time we were taken to the island on ship named Juku. The cutest part was that one of our hosts on the island was also named Juku. And as I witnessed myself, there actually was life on Aegna. Juku and Hugo live very close to the small harbor of the island, and with fantastic view on the sea.

Right as we had met Juku while waiting for the ship, he laughed at us as we had came to the trip as real city boys – leather jackets and trendy outfits. On the island he soon helped us out and gave us their military looking warm jackets.

Besides us playing around in the military outfit, there were indeed fortification buildings over the island, or remains of the fortification – several cannon bases had been blown up.

After a hike across the island, our wonderful hosts nourished us with a dinner and vodka a la Aegna.

Our initial plan was to say bye to Aegna on Sunday, but due to storm and heavy wind Juku (the ship) never made it to Aegna. Unwilling to pay big money for a pilot ship, we stayed for another night to enjoy Aegna and hospitality of our hosts.

On Monday Juku came and picked us up and took back to mainland. I did miss a day at work, but the adventure was all worth it.

▲Dead seagull wings on beach sand.
▼Vodka a la Aegna. Guys hanging around ▼.

Vodka a la AegnaBoys hanging around

▼My handsome Margus. Military games ▼.

MargusMilitary games

As Margus said, he can tell whether I like a trip, by how many photos I take. So with over 100 photos I do admit I liked our adventure.

That was our last weekend, no exciting plans for this one.

▼A spider we found while hiking across the island.


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