Today I witnessed new life and end of Summer

Kaire, Marko & Uku MärtSupposably one of the last warm days of this year. I headed out to get fresh air, and as the weather and colours behind the window seemed amazing, I was with my camera, naturally.

Strolling in downtown of Tartu with my cam, latte and bike I found Kaire and Marko. Apparently I had not talked to Kaire in a while as a stroller with a licence plate ‘UKU MÄRT 24 08 07’ was a news for me. I don’t quite know what women look like in a month after giving birth, but she looked so amazing that I just had to ask, whether it was really her who did it, that is who gave birth to the cute little boy. Obvious answer to the silly question was that she did not do it alone.

Taking advantage of the situation, I got bossy and ordered them to get in the bushes, so I could take photos of them.

I realized, I am a lousy photographer of people. My way of photo composition is just saying ‘stay there’ or at rare moments of creativeness I even say ‘go there’. On all the nicest photos I have of people, it has been their beauty that has passed the beauty to the photo.

It would be groundless to say that having a child is the superior proof, that 2 people truly love each other. Yet, it does make on admire the scene. At moments like this, it does make me wish me and Margus could have a child. ..Despite our continous attempts, neither of us seems to be getting pregnant. But seriously, one day if we will have our own home and are financially secured, I don’t mind giving a loving family to a child who has been left without it.

Kaire, Marko & Uku Märt◄▲ Kaire, Marko and Uku Märt on both of the photos

Old maple leaf▼►Few favourites from the rest of the photos of the day.

Autumn colours

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