Playa Del Inglés, Gran Canaria

Playa Del Inglés

The beach of Playa Del Inglés in Gran Canaria, one of the most popular gay destinations in Europe, sounds like a perfect place for a vacation. Just imagine hot, tanned, muscled and naked studs cruising along the beach, sun shining most of the time and ocean waves crashing on the beach.

In reality the situation is a bit less perfect.. Most of the guys are unfortunately elderly persons and not quite attractive to lay eyes on. On some days, when approaching the beach, I did wish I could have closed my eyes to quickly pass some scarier areas, but I suppose stumbling over someone would have not made the situation any better. I do understand the function of a cock ring, but I really don’t understand why some of the old and rather obese persons had to walk around wearing those on the beach. Too many mental images that I can’t get rid of. Alright, who am I to judge — a day before Gran Canaria Tim’s scale displayed 33 as the fat percentage of my body weight.

Anyway, the sun felt awesome, of course, especially considering we had quite serious snow storms in Estonia just few days before we escaped the depressing weather.

And the waves!!! Once I learned how to body-surf on them, I spent hours every day playing in the ocean. Some assumed by ‘body-surfing’ I meant something naughty, but I just don’t know how to better describe surfing on belly instead of a board; I will show it on a video later. Most of the days a red flag was hailed which meant the waves were too fierce and strong. First times when I naively jumped into the huge waves and was then twirled and twisted by the force of the water, I felt grateful I made it out alive. As entertaining as the huge waves were, at times there were indeed people who were pulled far away from coast by the waves, and one day someone actually drowned.

More photos and maybe a video will follow in time. In conclusion, I had such a great time by the ocean crisp-baking my body. Many thanks to Margus, the initiator of the trip, to Tim and Mike for hosting us in London and for taking such a good care of us, and of course to daragoi papagoi Tim for making the vacation so much fun! (Margus gave Tim a nickname papagoi [‘parrot’ in Estonian] as he so enthusiastically repeated every phrase he heard on the Spanish radio, and daragoi [‘dear’ in Russian] just rhymed well with it .)

Ranno Sand dunes of Playa Del Inglés Margus Playa Del Inglés Ranno Ranno

Some photos shot by Tim T and Margus M. Photos taken during the period of November 5th..11th.

Tim & Ranno

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