Fast forward through the summer

Video montage of my summer as a show dancer

Here it is, the video montage of my life on the ship as a show dancer in the summer of 2012. Considering the hours of footage squeezed into the 15 minutes video, get Your eyes ready for some fast forward action and to watch up to 5 scenes simultaneously. A lot of back stage action but also a bit of the life in between shows, although most of that was spent sleeping.

Be warned, the movie might not be appropriate for children (a be-headed elephant, some ..artistic.. nudity, and so on).

The movie is suppose to be about My life, but since I am not much of an entertainer in personality, it seemed more fun to film some real entertainers. Hence, the leading star seems to be Ivars — whether I was holding the camera or was it spider-legged somewhere, he always had something for the camera. But of course, thanks to everyone else involved in it, especially Karina, Liis-Katrin, Santa, Simo, Kristina who are quite often seen on the video, and of course to everyone else. I was going to add floating names to the video too, but I just ran out of patience..

One reason why I bought the new camera (Canon 60D) was to be able to record some video clips in addition to the photos. Yet now that I have been playing a bit on the videos, it does seem as if I will soon need a new computer as well. The few hours of movie clips themselves took over 80 GB of space, the movie editing project folder grew up to 100 GB, which meant that almost everything else from my computer had to go to make space for the greedy video project. And the time spent on it — almost all the evenings and some late nights of almost two months!!! Theoretically it all seemed rather easy, just arrange the clips, scale some down for multiple simultaneous scenes, modify the speed to fit into time limit, add couple effects.. but then comes the rendering!!! Even nudging a clip one way or another was followed by a ‘background’ rendering process during which there was not really much else I could do; usually about 15 minutes, sometimes half an hour, at times few hours.

Sure, I could have spent the time more productively, but I really wanted to have something like this to sum up the adventure of this summer. It had its ups and downs of which I have told more about in the post of how I became an entertainer.

And again, thanks to everyone I met. It has really been a great adventure!!!

Tallinn with dark sky Girls gone wild Harbor of Tallinn at night

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