Book covers for ‘Who I Am’

Joe on front cover of 'Who I Am'

Joe‘s book ‘Who I Am‘ is scheduled to be published at the beginning of next year. I am extremely excited and grateful for the opportunity to create covers for a book, ..especially for this particular book.

Recent events in Joe’s life have complicated it somewhat but I believe they have also liberated him. But it is not my story to tell. The book is partly autobiographical; the book is about being gay in Nigeria. Have a look at the official page of the book for full synopsis.

The photos. This cover was the reason that we had the photo shoot for. I have already shared some of photos and many more are yet to come.

You might have noticed that the guy on the background is all bruised up. Since we did not have any fake blood or even ketchup when taking the photos, the bruises are all from digital violence. So, honestly, no gorgeous guys were hurt during the photo shoot.

I was about to chop onions to get the tears running for the photos, but Joe had already dipped his finger into the closest glass and draw the tears with his wet fingers. The closest glass happened to be my drink so the tears in this case consist of vodka and Schweppes.

Joe on back cover of 'Who I Am'

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