Emajõgi flooding Tartu

Fisherman's bike and rods in River Emajõgi

It is the time when the beautiful white snow melts and unveils all the crap it has hidden through the winter. An attempt to walk through a park resembles tiptoeing over a minefield.

River Emajõgi keeps exciting me through the seasons. It must have been a month ago when people were walking on the ice at the very same spots — much cooler than crossing the bridges. Now remains of melted snowmen are forcing the river out of its path where it decently flows most of the year.

At first I was excited thinking that the bike had melted out of snow but I soon figured out it was there for a purpose. A fisherman who soon approached explained that he could not push the fishing rods into the ground as he usually does.

Vabadussild and flooding river Emajõgi

Excitedly waiting for the next season to run around the beach butt naked! Oh, ..yeah, city government of Tartu declined a request to have a designated nude beach. It has never stopped me though :)

Flooded public beach by river Emajõgi

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3 thoughts on “Emajõgi flooding Tartu

  • janark

    Tagasiside on alati hea ja tänud selle eest. mis puutub sellesse “aadama” värki siis kõik variandid on lubatud tegelikult ;) kuna isegi mõtlesin, et kes kuidas kirjutab. inglise ja eesti keeles kah erinevalt ju. aga ex ma pean veel seda asja nats uurima/läbi mõtlema. mis puutub aga vesimärki siis on tõesti nii, et kirjudelt piltidelt ei taha ta välja paista. ja ma olen nii kuramuse mugav, et tavaliselt lähevad märgid külge “automaagiliselt” ja ei viitsi hakata üks haaval neid sättima nii, et ta sealt välja kargaks täpselt selle pildi jaoks parajalt. Jälle koht kus natuke mõelda veel :)