Petrushka in Vanemuine

Petrushka, Ballerina and Moor

As I was packing my camera and heading for the rehearsal I had no clue what the ballet was about so I had a quick glimpse at first lines of what Wikipedia had to say about the Petrushka ballet.

Petrushka, Ballerina and Moor

I learned Петрушка was a puppet brought to life with a story resembling Pinocchio and ..Frankenstein.

Petrushka, Ballerina and Moor

Since getting first taste of choreography by Pontus Lidberg last Summer I have been yearning to see more of it. The photos I took at the gala in 2009 are still among my favorites.

Ballerina and Moor

The first time I heard of Triinu Pungits, a costume artist, was when I was obsessed about getting green glittery disco pants and harassed girls asking them to make me such costume. Eventually one of them suggested I should talk to Triinu. I shortly checked out her website ( but realized, as shortly, that my ‘wild’ idea of disco pants was intimidatingly way below the level of her creations.

Having an overall idea of her style I was curious to see what she had come up with for this production.

Regrettably, my photos published here do not give a fair overview of the costumes of the production — the lighting was a bit too dark and the action too fast to get acceptable photos with equipment.

Petrushka, Ballerina and Moor
Petrushka, Ballerina and Moor
Petrushkas on Vanemuine stage
Karmen Puis in Šeherezade

Director-Choreographer: Pontus Lidberg (,
Costume Designer: Triinu Pungits (,
Light and Set Designer: Patrik Bogårdh,
Produced by Theatre Vanemuine (Tartu, Estonia).
Photos taken at rehearsals on March 18th and 19th, 2010.

Silhouettes on stage

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