In the dark with few lights

Colin on dark stage

I have a bunch of photos from last week’s rehearsals waiting to be published, but I just haven’t had the time to work on them. Meanwhile, here is one of my favorites from the bunch — Colin in the dark.

Darkness is what best characterizes me and the state of my mind. For way too long my cheerfully sarcastic answer to how I am has been ‘Thanks, very occupied with being depressed’. While most people joyfully and loudly greeted the new year I was looking out of my window with despair and fear in my eyes and a whisper on my lips, ‘..please, ..please give me strength to get through it..’.

I do have my reasons to smile though — my lights in the darkness — so it is not all bad and could be worse. Just trying hard not to smother the bit of light I have in my life.

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