Midsummer birthday

Ali fighting the fireSteven

Everyone went to celebrate Midsummer Night (June 23rd) and mom was taken to hospital to give birth to baby Ranno. Pagans, as we Estonians are, the Midsummer Night is the most important party of the year; so everybody is out somewhere celebrating and it is tricky to get people to my party the same night. I think it has been 8 years since I actually celebrated my birthday.

This year Margus did not give me a choice and organized my birthday party himself, even most of the quests :)

One of the craziest customs of the night is jumping over the bonfire. First photos of this post demonstrate examples of the bonfire jumps.


One of my birthday presents is in the middle of the line-up on the next photo. I love the underwear Margus gave me – my first Aussiebums! While enjoying their comfort and showing off with them, I forgot having them on while walking into the sea to help boys, so that is how my precious ended up in the line-up.

Shorts on rope

I tend to tweet when little tipsy, so the highlights of the party are mentioned somewhere in my twitter messages.

Ali and Steven holding SunJackie


Too many photos of the fire, but it was so exciting to take photos of the beauty that never looked the same. On this photo of the fire Ali saw a head of a dog, while I saw a girl sitting on a rock. Now that I look at it again, there does seem to be a dragon up there.

Thanks to everyone who were at my party, everyone who sent their messages in some way, everyone who thought of me that day. Special thanks to my dear Margus for organizing the party.

Guys welcoming Sun

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