Queen in Vanemuine

Rolf Roosalu

‘Queen – The Doors of Time’ in Vanemuine.

Few days earlier I had thought I would not get to see the performance at all, and then, there I was extremely excited to land my butt on the best seats on the premier.

I had expected to be hit by spit and sweat in the first row. Although I did not get any of that, my favorite dancers waving and smiling to me was even better!

Tony Vincent

Tony Vincent and Tanja Mihhailova

Tony Vincent

I loved the show but throughout it all I kept thinking myself ‘oh, I  wish I could take a photo of this, and this, and this. Ah, what a great photo this would have been.’ For couple reasons I was not able to visit the rehearsals to take photos as I had done for several ballet performances. Surprisingly, my wishes were answered when I was asked at the premier reception whether I was not going to take photos of the performance. Shortly, a seat was arranged for me to  take photos of the performance on 27th of May.

Rolf Roosalu

Tanja MihhailovaTanja Mihhailova and the mimes

Rolf Roosalu

Steven Melendez

Director-Choreographer, Set Designer, Costumes Mare Tommingas.

Dancers in QueenDancers in Queen

Thanks to Tony Vincent, Rolf Roosalu, Tanja Mihhailova and Steven Melendez for allowing me to publish these photos of them.

Tony Vincent

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