Loving London for all wrong reasons

Fountain at Trafalgar Square

I flew over to London for the first time. I am not a big fan of big touristic cities, or countries where one of the conveniences is the peculiar water tap where hot and cold water do not get mixed turning washing hands into a tedious game trying to keep hands from burning and freezing the same time. All together, I went with very low expectations. I actually ended up having great time.

London taxi and Big Ben

First full day we had a look at some of the famous locations of the city. I always have hard time with city-hiking, so I got worn out shortly. With a breakfast snack at some park and few hours of chilling at a cafe at Soho I drank 1.5 liters of cappuccinos by the afternoon. That was a bit too much.

Horses may biteBirds lineup and nest with sun glasses

Drinks and Big BenMargus and Big Ben

Invisible man on smoking break Entertainers at Jubilee Gardens

Entertainers at Jubilee Gardens

Angry flower pot

Live Silver Statue at Jubilee GardensWalking a snake

On Sunday went to see the Hampstead Heath Park, mostly because of the ‘men only’ pond I heard of, but we also heard the park itself was nice too. We were both eager to have a look at it and to have a refreshing swim.

Warning at Hampstead Heath Highgate Ponds

The park was nice indeed. Despite the hard to understand warning sign, and rather cold and visually dirty water the pond seemed to be quite popular. There is a bit of the sunbathing area visible on the back of Leo’s biceps tattoo photo. I hoped it would be clothing optional area, ..but unfortunately it was not. Well, even with the swimming-trunks some of them were very revealing.

Leo's biceps flag

Full menu at London Tube

One thing I learned about the London Tube, was that by the late evening a wide menu selection can be found by the windows. I did not check whether the white substance in the small bag was salt or something else, but I tend to think it was something else.

SuperMartXe Peep Show @ Coronet Theatre

SuperMartXe Peep Show @ Coronet Theatre

The party! The SuperMartXe at Coronet Theatre was the hugest and most incredible gay party I have been to. The house was stuffed with topless, muscled studs, and considering the venue capacity of 2500 people there was actually tons of meat jumping around. At the top hours the jumping and dancing actually meant trying to move at all while being stacked between the sweaty and hairy hunks. Loads of meat around me was not all that dropped my jaw and made me drool, there was a lot on stage that my eyes had not seen before.

I had never seen gorgeous go-go dancers getting totally naked on stage, and I definitely had never seen them sucking each others’ dicks on stage. I have never seen a black, muscled hunk continuing dancing on stage even after dropping all clothes and revealing a huge hard-on; I have also never seen such go-go dancer wagging his massive dick to audience for good bye.

When I realized that taking photos seemed to be allowed at the party, I cursed myself for not having my camera with me. I cursed myself even more when I realized that the lousy camera of my iPhone was occasionally capable of taking photos in such dark environment. When I finally tried to take few shots with iPhone, half of the crowd had left and there was nothing else to watch on stage.

I was tired and wanted to go home since 2 am, but the party and the show on stage were worth staying there until 7 am. That party was the main reason why I became to love London.

SuperMartXe Peep Show @ Coronet Theatre

Thanks to Mark for hosting us. London, 22-26 May.

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