Real paint and brushes

Painter's palettePainter's palette and necessities

Rinse Your brushes in one of those jars… After few drinks it may be a bit tricky to pick out the right jar to dip brushes from among few different jars and glasses laying around.

J√§rvi celebrated her birthday party at an art gallery where she gave all her visitors opportunity to paint two paintings themselves. It must be more than ten years since I last actually painted, probably some time in school or kindergarden. So after many years of digital artwork it was really fun to mix different colors on painter’s palette (actually disposable plates) and to get real paint on my fingers.

I used one of my two paintings as background on the photo of me and Margus. Original painting was painted with acrylic colors on A3 size paper. Created in about 15 minutes and under influence of alcohol-pain killer cocktail I would not call it a piece of art, but I did get some positive feedback from co-artists of the evening.

Ranno and Margus with Ranno's painting

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