A prayer

A prayer, 2009

The story of this image began in 2001, when I took a photo of myself in such a repressed position. That time I had a film camera Zenit E where I could not check the exposure and aperture right after taking photo so had to hope and actually pray the photo would turn out ok.

A prayer, 2004

Some time before 2004 I had decided to make a drawing based on the photo. I am really awful at drawing so it was really hard to get it on paper. Once I had it scanned the things went on much smoother. I am more digital person than pencil and brush artist. My favorite from many different versions of that time is the black and white one from 2004. I just looked it up again this year to use fragments of this image on my mini business cards and I am very pleased  with the outcome.

I was going to publish only the year 2004 version, but with a bit time off after few weeks of 12 hour workdays, I needed to calm my mind on some creation. The first image on this page is what turned out after applying couple gradients.

I published the original white background drawing about a year ago as one of my depressive mood photos (Time for crash)  so won’t include that one here.

A prayer, 2001

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2 thoughts on “A prayer

  • Ray

    I like both of these versions of the drawing, favorite being the black and white one. The original picture is amazing, it has emotion to it.

  • Ranno

    Thank You Ray!

    I had the black and white one on computer for years. As it was done before I started blogging, it was not yet shown on this blog. Just wanted to try out something different with it and that’s how the colored version developed.