Wild ride in Finland

crashed red car

With Joe’s driving licence lost and Margus’ left at home in Estonia I was the only guy suitable to drive Joe’s car. Here’s a view of a car on my first drive to a gas station.

Right before going to Finland my old laptop completely crashed again. Not sure what’s the exact problem, but it seemed to be in need for a new hard drive, again. I have had the HP Compac for many years and almost every year the hard drive crashes. First times it was very dramatic as I had all the data in the same partition with the windows installation folder. Thanks to good advice from smart IT guys, I soon learned to create partitions on my new hard drives and that has saved me from some additional stress. Even this last time, I have not been able to access the partition of windows installation but I could easily access another partition where I had saved the files and was able to recover all files I had not yet backed up.

The computer was just old, but  think it was the frequent photo editing that was too much for it and made it crash so often. I decided it is not worth spending more money on a new hard drive which would last a year, if lucky, and decided to get a whole new computer. After consulting with many people who know something about computers I picked a MacBook Pro. Damn expensive, but considering the workload with photos I usually put my computer through, I was advised it would be a great choice for that purpose. As it is my first real experience with Mac, I have so much to discover and get used to. I just keep my fingers crossed that the computer will live up to what has been told.

But back to the story – all of these photos have been adjusted on iPhoto and Aperture. Being new to these programs, I do miss Picasa a bit, but am trying to get accustomed.

Joe Joe

I managed to keep Joe’s car in one piece through the days so the red car above was just a car we saw when filling up our tank. I was already rather scared about having to drive around Helsinki and Finland so the sight of the red car was not comforting. I did well though. Exciting!

Ranno on Joe's car

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