Decorated trash

Dumped in a middle of illegal junk yard with a plan to clean it up.. I took few photos throughout the 5 hours of cleaning trying to show ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos. As hours passed, we realized we were confronting an impossible mission. Compared to the ‘before’ photo which had a large junk yard with piles of scattered trash, the following ‘after’ photos had tens and tens of tires and bags filled with the sorted and collected trash and the same big piles of trash on the background.

50 000 people all over Estonia were united by a cleaning campaign Teeme Ära 2008. Sad to admit that even though we have a nice country we have a lot of morons who dump their trash wherever where they think nobody sees them doing it. I would not think of going to clean up by myself but being one of so many volunteers, it did seem as if there was chance for us to actually make the country cleaner.

These photos are taken close to Tartu at an old airport Raadi lennuväli. I think the photos of our dumpster spot were useless. Even so, I took one of the photos ▲ and entertained myself with attempt to re-decorate the scene. I used to add frames and all sort of of silly ornaments and images, like a bone and rainbow heart.

Cleaning team of, as I presume by the text at the rear of the car. Correction: team name is ‘Sanatoorium’.

Cleaning team 'Sanatoorium'

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