Learning to flash


Experimenting with a set of studio flash units.. Mikk lent me the units with the umbrellas as they are just staying dormant and nobody is using them. I have never before used such units so being all excited I tried them out as soon as I got home.

One of the units is somewhat old but nevertheless a real studio flash. The other one is self made with flash, umbrella and tripod tied together with wires and screws – piece of art itself.

I keep dreaming of an apartment I could use as a studio, but until I have one, I have to manage with my current studio which is also known as a wall behind my bed.

As I had no experience with studio flash and even my skills with the Canon Speedlite 580II camera flash are rather limited. With no theoretical background, it was expected that the experiment was rather puzzling at times. I could not figure out why there was a shadow from the light from my window, while I had 2 powerful flashes blinding me from the opposite side. After adjusting some flash settings, again with no theoratical basis and rather just experimenting, I started to get photos which were more alike to what I had on mind.


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