Waterfall – Jägala juga

Jägala juga, waterfallMargus

Such a beautiful sunny weekend again. With a day off we wanted to drive out of the city to enjoy nature and get some photos. Thinking of nice places close to Tallinn, I thought of the waterfalls which likely have the most water and are likely most enjoyable at this season. Estonia is a small country but there are still so many picturesque sites I have not yet visited. Waterfall Jägala juga was one of them.

We asked Anton and Andres to join us as I had recently promised Anton to take some photos of him. As I expected, the waterfall and the surrounding nature was incredibly beautiful for a photo shoot. I was so eager to kick shoes off to go walk in the river but Margus held me back wisely reminding that the water was still close to freezing temperature.

Margus & Ranno, Jägala jugaAndres & Anton, Jägala juga




I enjoyed taking photos from all the sides of the waterfall I could access, even under the waterfall behind the water curtain. With few minutes behind the falling water curtain my pants were as wet from the mist as if I had actually been in the water – exciting! We had a good day.

Anton, Margus, Andres

Jägala juga, waterfall

Today I bought Apple TimeCapsule – 500 GB wireless hard drive and a Wi-Fi router! With less cables to hassle with I truly hope it will not be pulled off the table again by a drunk fellow seeking for porn.

I am still waiting to hear whether anything else could be recovered from my dropped hard drive besides few scanned pics from 2004..2005.

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