Up where we should have not been

Up above TartuPhoto from high above Tartu, where I am sure we weren’t allowed to be. Icy surface beneath, no protective rails, drunk in dark, so darn dangerous and scary but all worth it.This photo is actually one of few photos I now have at all. Few hours after this photo, three months after purchase, my new hard-drive where I had transferred all of my photos, was dropped off the desk by an accident. I think I had expected it to be more shockproof than that. I did not panic over not being able to access the drive until I was trying all sorts of file recovery programs the next day and they all crashed with error alerts. This was first evening ever when I got tears in my eyes for loosing my photos. I lost thousands of photos and I think many of them were really good ones. I know I am an idiot for not doing backups on different media but I did naively have more faith in the external hard-drive unit, ..damn.

Moral of the story. No, I am not gonna say less alcohol to people, although I do have to remind myself to keep drunk people far far away from my equipment. I rather meant to remind myself, as if it has never been mentioned before, to do more backups and more often.

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