Soaking toes in receding snow

OliverOliver at age 1 year and 10 months.

Within few days we seem to be galloping through different seasons – mild Spring like weather, snowdrops and returning migratory birds at the end of Winter, once Spring officially arrived all the snow missed in Winter came down at once hiding cars on the parking lot under bright soft cover, warm weather and sunshine expected in few days will likely resemble a chilly Summer day. Although all this fast weather changes are causing all sorts of complications, it is such an exciting time to pass through and enjoy.

I knew it would have been outrageous to continue enjoying such a beautiful weather merely through a half opened window, so when I was seeking for company to join me I found that Kati and Hando were just about to take Oliver out for fresh air and walk.

We headed to my favorite place in Tartu, the riverside. The receding snow was a beauty indeed, yet as it had been thawing half the day, it would have been more reasonable to pull on gumboots instead of walking shoes we were all wearing.

Keep Your eyes and ears open for future model – Oliver! He is such a cute boy and at this young age already knows how to pose for a camera. When noticing that I am taking photos, he so perfectly looked at me and smiled and remained there until I was messing with the polarizing filter and focus.


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