Road trip with rain, mud, snow, sauna..

Saori with willow catkinsSaori on top of Tornimägi tower

I was counting on another beautiful sunny weather when I picked João, Steven and Saori up to take to Valga. Instead of that the weather got only worse.

Ignoring the rain we continued the route I had planned for us. Quick jump over Latvian border, Steven playing Bond on a railway freight car at the train station in Valga After exploring and admiring ruins of church of Lüllemäe, we trudged up the hill of Tornimägi up to a sightseeing tower. While rest of us were relying on our fancy footwear, Steven was smart enough to empty plastic bags he found, to use them to cover his feet. So once we were back down the hill, he was the only one with dry feet. Have a look at the bizarre photo below – João watching as Steven is playing with a keyboard found on a tare dumpster, standing in a pile of vodka bottles he poored out to get the plastic bags, ..really weird sight :)

I had tried to explain as well as I could that I planned to take them all to sauna, they were still surprised when they actually saw granny’s sauna. Neither of he guys joined me in sauna willingly even though they seemed tempted to try it being in real sauna for the first time. Once I got them close enough to the steam room, I was about to push them back out as their idea of the sweating in the sauna included being all dressed. I realized that although I had talked that we were gonna go to sauna, I had not tought them what is being done in sauna.

Steven driving a tractorSteven and João, bizarre

On the way back home I took them off the road for another half an hour for a whisper in the Castle of Sangaste. As we plan to go there again, I will try to explain the whispering next time.

Despite the rough conditions I put them through, everyone seemed to be excited and satisfied with the road trip. I know I was really enjoying my companions and the day.

On the way home Sun came out from behind the rain clouds and we ended the day with a wine and incredibly delicious dinner Steven cooked us.

Footware selection presented by João and Steven

Granny's gumboots presented by Saori

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