Peter Pan ballet in Vanemuine

Antonio as Captain Hook in Peter Pan

‘Peter Pan’ (‘Peeter Paan’) ballet performance in Theatre Vanemuine in Tartu was directed by choreographer Oksana Titova. Premiered 08.03.2008. On kind permission of Theatre Vanemuine I attended two rehearsals to take photos.

Antonio as Captain Hook in Peter PanAntonio as Captain Hook in Peter PanAntonio and Hayley Jean Blackburn in Peter PanHayley Jean Blackburn as Wendy in Peter PanHayley Jean Blackburn as Wendy in Peter PanHayley Jean Blackburn as Wendy in Peter Pan

I realized I had never been to premier of children play which obviously was crowded with children. Throughout the whole performance questions and comments of children filled the audience – ‘who is that?’, ‘what are they doing now?’, ‘they aren’t actually that bad, are they’, ‘it’s boring!’, ‘nooo, you can not sit on this seat!!!’. As I heard later, first ‘who is that?’ was asked even before the curtains opened.

Colin Thomas Maggs as Peter PanColin Thomas Maggs as Peter Pan

Photos have been published on permission of Theatre Vanemuine and dancers who are recognizable on the photos. Thanks to everyone for the permissions. I have one more permission request awaiting, and if it will be granted, I will add 2 photos later.

Nashwa Dahab and Janek Savolainen in Peter PanNashwa Dahab as Wendy in Peter Pan

Here are dancers found on these photos with names linking to their profiles on website of Theatre Vanemuine.

Lilian Sarapuu as fairy princess in Peter PanA character in Peter Pan

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2 thoughts on “Peter Pan ballet in Vanemuine

  • Oksana Titova

    Tere! Väga ilusad pildid Sul minu etendusest ;)
    Panin mõned oma kodukale koos sinu nimega, ega Sa ei pahanda?

  • Ranno

    Oksana! Väga vahva, et Sulle pildid meeldivad ja väga hea meel, et sobivad Su kodukale.

    Ma ei mäleta, kas Sa kõigi piltidega plaadi oled saanud. Esietendusel plaanisin Sulle anda või edasi saata, ..aga ei mäleta enam, kas said selle.