RIP, Tiit

Tiit Talpsep, RIPPhoto from private collection of Tiit’s family. I just added the frame and text, being responsible of the photo slide show at the funeral.

As said at the funeral, I also feel privileged to have known Tiit. I remember Tiit and his wife Ene since my first years in University and I have always found them to be respectful and admirable. The more honored I was to become a colleague of Tiit.

I am already expected to have my camera with me at all of the company events. This time nobody asked me to and I debating myself whether to take camera along. I saw no motivation in taking photos of people in sorrow, tears in red eyes. I could do my best to capture the moment but who would enjoy looking at the photos later. All they would remind is grief. My inner debate was resolved when I found out that an official photographer had been hired for the funeral.

I did find motivation for photographing in general though. While arranging the photos collected from family and friends and colleagues and picking photos from my galleries I laughed. That is exactly how I like to remember a person – there is enough about him to laugh about and feel grateful for. I was glad I could contribute few of my photos of Tiit, which I thought were nice and fun. As of the motivation, I realized again how precious it is to have photos of people capturing moments throughout their lives. Its such a joy to be part of giving people these captured memories.

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