Thin doors, can’t have sex

Lonely Ranno at the hall of dorm

Representative office of students of University of Tartu conducted a survey concerning living conditions in Tartu, mostly with questions about conditions of the dormitories. From the 36 page report I found few lines I that made me laugh out loud.

One of the documented complaints about my dormitory, was saying that as the doors are made simply of double plywood sheets, even quiet conversations can be overheard behind the door, and it is not possible to freely have sex.

Why it humored me the most, was that despite knowing that likely next 3 rooms can hear what is going on in my room, it has never stopped me from enjoying myself freely. I must be the loudest resident around here.

Some of the other complaints over living conditions of the dormitories, included ‘roommates feet stink’ and ‘there is some weird smell in the bathroom’ and ‘all sinks are full of vomit’.

The photo I included, I took of myself in 2001, in a dormitory which was then and still is in the worst condition. And what an extreme life it has. Once in a whyle I tell people again, how I spent my Christmas in the dorm – half of the residents of my floor were trying to hold back a coursing and screaming girl from a room of three russian partygirls, while he other half of the residents were holding back mother-in-law from a room of husband, wife, two children and mother-in-law, while she was trying to cut the girls throat with a nail file. Extreme, but in that dorm, it was pretty regular scene.

I think it was the first time I used colour film in my old russian camera Zenit E. So with this first colour film I got hooked on photography again.

I could not locate scanned copy of the photo, so I took another photo of the original photo. First I played with it on Picasa and ended up with the photo above ▲, but the more I looked, I started liking the uncropped and unedited photo of it as well ▼.

Lonely Ranno at the hall of dorm

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