Confronting small world in Helsinki


Little old news, but on a weekend over a week ago Margus took me to Helsinki again. Our sincere gratitude to Kirsi for hosting us again.

Margus found us a muscled guy Andrei. As we had not asked his name, we assumed he was Finnish. Naturally we were surprised when after me and Margus had exchanged lovey-dovey phrases in Estonian, Andrei asked us why we are talking to him in English. To our surprise he explained Estonian was just one of numerous languages he spoke.

For few following hours I listened how Margus and Andrei were finding common links in their network of ex-es and friends.

What a small world. Well, I think I should specify – what a small gay world.

▲▲ Margus in the wind on boats.
Andrei and Margus in Helsinki ▼▼

Andrei and MargusMargus and Andrei

▼ Ranno


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