Love of my life, both of them

Tony and Ranno

One heck of a week ahead. One of those times again, where I am already exhausted from preparing for the week and starting to panic thinking of all the work that is yet to be done.

But good news – Tony will come to Estonia this week. For those, who don’t know my story, Tony is the first man whom I fell in love with. Love for him was also the one that liberated me – I realized that I wasn’t and did not want to be bi-sexual. If loving and being with him meant I must have been gay, then ..yeah, that’s what I am!!! While being carried away with being liberated, all Baltic states heard the story of our love.

Even though we decided to break up due to distance after 4 years, the love never ended and we have remained to be best friends. There is still so much I want to tell about Tony, but it will be some other time.

Tony and Margus. As mentioned, they both are THE GUYS of my life. And one of the best things with them is that after I introduced them online, they have been chatting almost daily and seem to be getting along very well. They are both adorable guys and I love them both so much. In the sense of being my lover and life partner, Tony is my past and Margus is my present and future. Yet, they both are my best friends and the most special guys of my life.

Despite the dreadful schedule of the next week(s), I do my best to find time for my guys, and hopefully there will be some nice and fun pics to share in blog. It may be that they will have more time for each other than I’ll have for either of them during the time, but I have a good faith that they will have great time catching up :-)

The photo above is taken on a New Year’s Eve, seems to be 2001>2002. The photo below is the last time I actually saw Tony, September of 2004, right before leaving for airport.

Ranno and Tony

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One thought on “Love of my life, both of them

  • nick

    that was from new years eve, wasn’t it??? how cute! i saw tony last night and he told me about your blog – your photos are incredible!!!