I see straight people – story of fallen Angel

I hardly ever get to the Angel gay club in Tallinn, but even the few times I go there to check Estonian gay life, I am more and more disappointed. 

Last Saturday I went there with Tony, to show him the Estonian club. I was expecting it still to be a gay club, but the reality was, that girls and straight guys were in ruling majority. I was pissed!

One chubby and likely drunk girl was obsessed over hitting on to Tony and was rubbing herself up and down Tony and fought off all other competitors. As I heard later, she had also attempted to get a kiss. Finally she moved off somewhere, but soon I heard her complaining in anguish in the crowd: ‘he is GAY!’. …Oh, c’mon! You’re in a gay club and it would be appropriate if You accidently found a straight guy among the crowd. But instead being offended and shocked that a hot guy turns out to be gay – ridiculous.

Another, less disturbing but still disappointing situation involved a Norwegian girl. She sure was fun and hot and great dancer, but when seeing me and Tony hug, and maybe kiss, she told us it was OK as her cousin was gay too. I know she meant no offence, yet again, I was thinking myself that it should have been the other way around – presence of gay friendly straight people on a gay party should be considered as ‘maybe acceptable’ and our action should not need to be excused by straight people at the club.

Although these might have been just small irrelevant scenes, it showed what was going on at the club in general. We did meet some beautiful and fun girls there, but my intention was to go gay-clubbing, not just clubbing. As I see it, former gay club Angel has degraded to just a club and no more deserves the honour of being referred to as The gay club of Estonia. Unless there will be some hot and wild ‘men only’ event, I feel no desire to go clubbing there again.

.. Angel has fallen.

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