Dinner with Redi and Mariano

Mariano, Redi and Tony in Tartu, 2006
Redi is one of the friends of Tony and me, whom we got to meet while Tony was in Tartu. We were very pleased to hear that Redi was gonna come meet us with her boyfriend. Redi is a very sweet girl herself and Mariano, her Argentinian boyfriend, turned out to be a really cute guy.They are now living together in Tartu in an attic apartment that I just have to go to see some day. They had a very romantic story of how they met and got together – it was actually on a street in Spain.

Photos taken in front of Cafe Shakespeare in Tartu. On photo above Mariano, Redi and Tony, on photo below Ranno and Tony.

Ranno and Tony in Tartu, 2006

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