Outdoor breakfast – a daylight slaughter

Autumn leavesOne morning, while sitting at a cafe, I was thinking myself, that being able to afford having weekend breakfast and a cafe au lait at a cafe and leaving a decent tip, is one of the main reasons I like earning living. For a young girl in the next table, the ideal morning included having a beer so I understand that a vision of ideal life and a beautiful morning is subjective.

The time of the year has decreased the daylight to 12 hours a day and although it is warmer again, having a meal outside is a constant debate whether to put the jacket back on or take the most of the last sunshine.

This morning, trying to enjoy my outdoor breakfast, I was drawn into fight with wasps. I suppose they have been around every morning I have tried to eat outdoors, but this morning they were rather agressive. After I had tried to be friendly and helped one of the wasps out of my juice, it came back with another wasp and they were all over my coffee and juice and salad and fork. After my vain attempts to scare them away with a napkin, I had enough of the vicious creatures ruining my breakfast mood and I smashed one of them with a spoon.

Yet, the clear sky makes the Fall look so beautiful. I can’t stop amazing over the beauty of the tree behind my dorm window.

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