Ranno in Tallinn

For some weeks by now I have been in Tallinn due to work. But it is just temporary, soon my services will be no longer needed in Tallinn and I will be sent back to Tartu. Even though I am even now going back and forth on Tallinn-Tartu route, I still get to spend most of the time in Tallinn and have long desired family life with Margus.

Whenever I talk to mom and sister I am asked how is the City-life. ..and all I can say, is that I don’t really know much of that – we live at Mustamäe just a few stops away from my lab. So I hardly ever see the city itself. Actually, from some of our lab windows we can see towers of Old Town so I suppose I do get to see a bit of the city every day.

As from this year I can already tell, which is trolley-bus and which is tram, and I am (almost always) able to successfully combine public transportation to get from A to B, I believe I have all rights to call myself a tallinner :-)

But as of the public transportation, there still are unsolved mysteries for me. For example every morning my way to work includes waiting for a trolley bus for half an hour – the one that is scheduled to go in every 5-6 minutes. It is same most of the times on my way back home as well. I would understand if it happened once or twice, but to have it every morning – one of the few mysteries.

Another public transportation mystery are the tickets. I still haven’t figured out whether my student discount ticket is suitable to be used as one-hour ticket like I have been using it. I have done my best to find the information from among the job offers that the transportation is full of, but still no certainty yet.

And with the tickets – it is rather weird that a public transportation for a student in Tallinn is almost half the price of what it is in Tartu. Is it a difference in priorities of the city government? In either way, while being a tallinner, I won’t complain much over it.

Tallinn does have more ways for impressing me and getting me excited. I just got back from a grocery store where I learned that I can get a lubrication straight from the grocery store without needing to find an erotic shop. They even had two different ones! I feel I am becoming to like Tallinn :-)

Although most of the time in Tallinn is spent working, I do try to have as much time as possible to spend with Margus. I keep falling in love with him over and over again. He feels as a perfect match in all ways we can think of. So we are a proof that love can be found on gaydar :-)

And at very rare moments we dare to sacrifise some of our cuddling time to have some extra party and fun. ..a good moment to thank everyone involved in determining/exceeding the weight limit of our couch :-D

But again, the most enjoyable part of being tallinner, is the time spent with my guy – I am so glad he is still able to put up with me and not to get tired of us. I love him so very much and with him I believe again that a word ‘armastus’ (Estonian word for ‘love’) is still in use – I was already convinced that the word can only be found in the subtitles of a Hollywood romantic movie.

Can’t think of any photos from the recent time, so this one will be a plain story-blog entry.

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