Nicer way home – a late photo session

Moon above Tartu

Just arrived back to Tartu from Tallinn. The last time I was rushing to bus station I noticed that close to my dorm, a long construction work had produced a fountain. I was rushing but I decided the next time I had time to take a moment off, I would go and enjoy the fountain. So now coming back home I chose the way passing by the fountain.

My first plan was to take photos with my phone and so I did, but when I was about to take few photos from the other side, I found the moon on the background and could not stop myself from what followed – as I had my Canon camera and lenses in the backbag, I mounted the 200 mm lens and took 10 photos of the moon and couple dozen pics of the fountain. Despite the darkness, there were few ones that looked pretty good.

I suppose I could have stayed there for another half an hour, but I was starving and freezing – it was 5 Centigrades!

Water stream

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