Wedding of Inge and Andre

Inge and Andre


I am still so grateful to Inge and Andre for the invitation. Although I can already call myself a professional wedding guest as it was third wedding for me this Summer, this one was really special, as I was invited with Margus as a couple. It was so sweet and I really appreciate it. Church cremony took place at the Pauluse church in Tartu and the reception was held at the Taagepera castle.

Here’s one little angel..

 Little angel

..and a nice scene at the reception..

And here’s us, Ranno and Margus.

Ranno and Margus

..and two guys by a lake in T├Árva recovering from a wedding night. Although I have spent most of my life in county of Valga, I had never been to that lake before. The end of the Summer had been rather chilly but we were crazy enough to try out the water, ..and the tower in the lake. I am usually patrified when it comes to water jumps – but this time I felt up for it and I JUMPED from the tower!!! ahh, it was fun and I can’t wait for the next time to go there, although it may not be before next Summer.

Margus and Ranno

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