Old .. old .. bomb .. old .. old ..

– Josef’s brief description of the architecture of Wien.

Arriving to Wien late on Saturday night, it was raining again, as through most of the journey. But Josef had promised it would be nice and sunny by the next day when I had planned to have great time exploring the city.

horses and pink carriage in Wien
..Sunday morning I woke up to the sound of rainfall.. However, consistent with my attentions, I still planned to stick to my desire of exploration and was going to go to the city, even if it only meant sitting in a cafe and stearing at the rain outside. So I was given an umbrella and we headed to the city.

The first coffee we had at some fancy restaurant, which name I really don’t rememeber, ..rain falling behind the window.

I did do my best trying to get some photos of Wien, with the help of Josef covering me with an umbrella, but it is not that fun at all trying to take photos with zoom lenses while rain brings the visibility down to nothing.

But as Austrian children are told to – if you won’t eat all your breakfast, it will be rainy – and we sure had all been good boys and had finished it all, we finally saw some rays of sun. Even though the rays were often hidden by some more rain, I was still excited over the weather and did my best to get as much sunlight on the pics as possible.

I don’t think I ever could memorize the names of the churches we went to, so there never was anything to forget, but all the places sure were nice and majestic.

Inside a church in Wien
Coming back to the Josef’s description. He said that one can easily see, where bombs had been dropped during the war – You see traditional old house, another old house next to it and then a new plain house – that is where a bomb had been dropped. So even though the neighbourhood we passed on train on the way home did not have any glamorous palaces or churces, it was entertaining enough to comment on the houses: old .. old .. bomb .. old .. old .. bomb.

A street in Wien
It is real joy to have friends spread all over the world – it is one thing to travel somewhere, take the hotel and maybe follow the tour guide, but even a short journey is worth much more when You have friends ahead who can take You around in their home town. My warm thanks to Toomas and Josef for hosting me and of course same to all the rest of my friends whom I have taken advantage of or am yet to do it :-)

This was another of my journey’s left behind and eagerly looking forward to many more adventures.

Statue in Wien

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