Cheese, blueberry, bacon, chilli, banana and red-wine-brandy..

..that is a short list of ingredience You can find in choclates of Zotter [].

Zotter choclate factory

It is a choclate factory located outside of Graz (Austria) where we were taken on post-symposium excursion. Besides the comparably peculiar selection of choclates, they are also unusual for not adding any preservatives to the choclates, due to which the choclates have be to sold and eaten within 6 months.

The fun part is that you can sample most of their choclates, but please be sensible with how much of the choclate you are stuffing in. I got carried away with tasting the different kinds of choclates over and over again from a belt serving the choclates – too much choclate, too fast, way too much. Once the sensation of being really sick in stomache reached my choclate stuffed brain, it was already too late. I was very close to going to the bathroom, but got scared of the taste I would have in my mouth after doing that, so decided to let the choclate follow the gravity and continued the day with a severe choclate overdose.

Vineyard outside of Graz
For 2 days I got sick in stomache just remembering of the choclate, even anything that by colour seemed to taste like choclate. So on the way back from the trip I just concentrated on the sight full of greenery, just as in the vineyard we had visited before the choclate factory, where we had had abundant lunch and sampled various fine wines. … no, that could have not been the reason – I rather blame the sickness on choclate.

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