Mmmister Chippendales


I might be a bit slow at times. This adventure actually took place a year ago, but even though not finding a proper moment to publish it, I have always had the story for Rick, a former Chippendales performer, on my mind.

I remember we had a poster of Chippendales at our closet door. I was somewhere of up to six years of age. It was long before I had any clue of sexuality and I don’t think I was really aware of what sex was and what were the additional functions of the leaky part of my body that I had tangling down there, but I know for some reason I really enjoyed watching that poster with barely dressed muscled guys.

..oh, now that I think of it, that poster must be what flipped my sexual orientation for the queer team! :D

About a decade later Chippendales visited Estonia, but I was stuck too deep in the closet to be publicly seen admiring a show of unreachable undressed studs.

Imagine my surprise when Rick briefly mentioned that he had visited Estonia before as a performer of THE Chippendales! I can not remember, whether I fainted as a true groupie when being touched by deity of one’s fantasies, but I know I was certainly very excited and I was not far from asking him to sign my boobs :)

On deck of Emerald Princess

We visited Rick for few days in August of 2011 on board of cruise ship Emerald Princess where he was one of the singers of the shows. My photos of the shows are blogged in Motorcity and Boogie Shoes.

Coincidentally, on some days of this Summer, while getting a beauty sleep after my own performances on stage, I occasionally  see Emerald Princess from my cabin window and for couple minutes I reminisce about all the fun I had there.

Rick, Margus and Ranno

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