For long time I have been admiring the photos that Kira has taken of himself and I have been so eager to try to have my way with him (photographically). As usual in my case, scheduling and planning a photo shoot is such a complicated process while trying to find a suitable time for both and to match it with a nice weather. Not sure whether it has been a year or even more since we have tried to get something done, but now, couple weeks ago we spontaneously decided to go to the beach and of course I grabbed all my equipment along with me.


We made it to the beach once we were both off the work, which was rather late in the evening. Either way the summer has been this chilly that many people still haven’t dipped their toes in the sea water. Soon after making him get into the water and getting in there myself we both started shivering but stubbornly tried to put up with it. At the point that I realized I could see goosebumps on his skin through my camera I decided that we were done for the evening and we rushed to find a place to warm up.


Although I like the selection presented here I still think he has taken so much better pics of himself. But we’re both eager to try it again some day.


Kira in underwear

Photos taken at Pikakari beach in Tallinn, Estonia, on July 10th.

Kira and Ranno (photographer)

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