Urban rebels

Nashwa and Colin

Despite the rebel and phat look the dancers were in fact going through an hour of excruciation. While surrounded by a cloud of vicious mosquitoes — yes, even indoors — they were told to stop slapping themselves and remain steady for few moments to capture the poses on camera. Even I myself could not keep myself from the kill-the-mosquitoes-kalinka the whole time while trying to keep my finger on the button; should have known better than going out in shorts.

Nashwa and ColinTakuya and Kristina
Takuya and KristinaTakuya and Kristina
Nashwa and TakuyaKristina and Colin

The initial idea was to do the whole shoot in the ghastly Pärmivabrik which was told to be full of graffiti but as seen on the photos I took before the dancers arrived (Classical party), the graffiti there was not quite suitable to promote a production for children :) After the indoor shoot Colin guided us to the colorful wall of graffiti by the river. Poor dancers still had to put up with the cloud of mosquitoes but at least there were no more spiders curiously dropping by and at them.

Photos were taken on May 21st for a production staging in Theatre Vanemuine this Fall.

On the photos: Colin, Kristina, Nashwa and Takuya. Thanks to Mare and Theatre Vanemuine for involving me in the project.

Kristina and Colin

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