Little Suicidal

Alens with machete

How to entertain a boy who at times seems almost as depressive as me — just give him a rusted machete for masochistic suicidal games.

Alens with machete under chinAlens cutting hair with machete

We have been planning to take some pics with Alens for long time, probably over a year. My common excuse for taking a rain check has been my evergray depression. Today, when Alens came over to enjoy a bit of a sun, coffee and his chain of cigarettes on my balcony I pulled out my oversized pocket knife for the suicidal photos he has so eagerly been waiting.

Some day I will try to tell the long story involving a month long period when this machete was essential in my daily life, but that is also the story of losing my old Zenit E camera along with all the photos, so I will have to borrow some photos for that story.

Alens with machete under chin

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