Tanel with Aussiebum

Tanel in Aussiebum underwear

Tanel came to me with very detailed ideas for his photos. The ideas included light photos, him laying on white sheet, him looking out of the window on a landscape.

Obviously the photos are rather different from the initial ideas. But what else can one expect in conditions where at 4pm it is already dark.

I had just bought large piece (8 x 1,5m) of black fabric to create a small black studio corner (see the black corner of my ‘studio’). It was something that I had dreamt of for long long time.

The plan was to take photos in more Aussiebums and on white sheet Tanel had taken with him, but the only time we had for the photo shoot was at about 10 pm, and we were both exhausted, so did not get many photos.

Thanks to Tanel for approving these photos for publishing.

Tanel in Aussiebum underwear

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4 thoughts on “Tanel with Aussiebum

  • Ranno

    Thank You Ray! I would have not thought of having the cross myself, but it seems to be one of his favorite things and works well. Actually, I was looking (focusing) at the butt anyway, not the cross..

  • Samuel Preston

    Hello my friend, this is your buddy Sam from NYC very nice pic and your comment about the butt was for sure you :-) nice to see you but the pic is very good