Ranno head panorama

Face-o-rama, head panorama, auto-freakshow-portrait.. No clue how to call it. I got the idea yesterday; thinking of how easy it was to automatically photo-stitch landscape photos I hoped it would be as easy with the head shots.

After I had rushed home to take my portraits for this project I disappointedly learned, that my aged tripod had went impotent, but after tightening and loosening and pushing in and pulling out I got the third leg standing steady for the action.

Another disappointment was that the software was not able to align and blend the images so I gave up and left the few dozen auto-portraits wait for my mood to return. Today I gave it another try and tried to blend the photos the hard way. I think I used six photos, but I really don’t feel like opening the photoshop file again today to check. I know it looks weird and freaky, but at least I got it out of my head.

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4 thoughts on “Face-o-rama

  • EatingLifeUp

    Awesome! I would definitely say it was worth the effort. Reminds me of a project I tried really hard to pull off. I wanted to have one picture with 4 of me in it. 2 facing forward, 2 facing backward, all at different spots in the picture for depth and size difference. It worked out but was lots of effort especially because I used a friend and not a tripod.