Butt step

Driven by an idee fixe I rushed to buy set of barn doors for my BIG Mega lamp kit. Once I set up the lamp I sadly learned, that it did not quite work as I intended and the barn doors did not give me the narrow band of light that I thought they would. They did not do anything besides helping to dim the light intensity. Whatever the initial idee fixe was about, it failed.

While moping about the initial failure I succeeded in creating some sort of spotlight tool with thicker paper sheets taped into a tube around the light bulb (although they did not catch fire, it might not be a good solution; so kids, do not try it at home).

Next crucial step after setting up the light, camera and computer, was waterproofing my iPhone so I could use it as remote control under shower. iPhone is functioning pretty well even when shoved into a condom; totally waterproof ;) DSLRemote application turned my iPhone into remote trigger for my Canon EOS 350D and displayed preview of the photo within couple seconds; very handy.

Part of the initial idea was to have water running down my body, but with all the gadgets and cables in my small bathroom I got scared of getting carried away with the splashing and eventually electrocuting myself. That explains the few lonely drops where streaming water was suppose to be. Even with the modest splashing I found the cables soaked in water once I was done.

With loud ‘Oh noouuu!’ in my head with almost every photo I looked through afterward, I had proved myself again that I am really not in a photo-safe shape and I really need some more workout.

I am not particularly fascinated about the photo, but it was best from the series and I really needed to play with something to get my mind off of some other stuff. Maybe someone will find it likable, ..and maybe useful :D

Collage of shower photoshoot

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7 thoughts on “Butt-step

  • EatingLifeUp

    Buttiful! I love it, and it gives me ideas, one is to hop on a plane to Estonia, the other is to look and see if that app will work as a remote for my Canon 40D, going to try that right now. Also totally good idea for the condom on the iPod! Glad to see you filling your time with such awesome photography LOL

  • Ranno

    Thanks! :D I believe it will work with Yours but I forgot to point out that You have to connect camera to computer and have local wifi network. A bit complicated but has still been very handy for self-portraits.

    iPhone is already used to being forced into a condom. It spent whole days there when I was kayaking in Summer time. Just the photos were worse than usual, but otherwise fully functional.

    I really should spend my personal time on getting back in shape instead of playing with camera and photoshop.

  • Ranno

    Thank You H! Well, when I take photos of other hotties in my blog, it is always hard to choose the set for publishing, as they are all great and I feel like publishing them all.

    But now with myself, looking through the 80 photos taken, I was really searching for at least one that I was satisfied with. Found this one and photoshopped it to smth satisfactory. I want to be like the hotties who give great photos in any pose!