Suur Taevaskoda

Suur Taevaskoda

Suur Taevaskoda is a bare sandstone rock wall located in the primeval valley of Ahja River in southeastern Estonia (see location on map). The 24 meters high natural wall, once sacred place for old Estonians, is one of the most beautiful places in Estonia and just about an hour drive from Tartu.

This was my first attempt to create a panoramic collage – the main image is combination of nine adjacent portrait layout photos. Photoshop Photomerge perfectly positioned and blended the photos into a nice collage in the black border on the image. I was initially planning to crop the image to a nicer shape, but it did look too dull and usual, so I took a bit of time (half a day) and used some imagination to turn it into something more appealing.

I was very excited over what turned out of it. The final image size was 12700 × 5029 pixels, which is the largest image I have ever worked on. Would make a nice poster somewhere.

Some of the details that are visible on the full image can not be noticed on the small blog photo, so here is a sample combination of some of the details.

Collage of fragments of Suur Taevaskoda

Although I am trying to run a decent blog not a hardcore pornography site, I just could not resist publishing this photo :)

Natural dick

While there are several man-made objects on the wall, this huge phallus seems to be pure creation of mother nature.

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